Thomas Hickman


Personal and Family Information

Thomas was born in Bet 1725 and 1728 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA, the son of Edwin Hickman and Eleanor Elliott.

He died about 1762 in Virginia, USA.

His wife was Sarah Sanderson, who he married in 1745 in King and Queen County?, Virginia, USA. Their two known children were William (1747-1834) and Elizabeth (1750-1831).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Thomas Hickman


Edwin Hickman


Thomas Hickman


Thomas Hickman


Mary Pascal


Martha Thacker


Henry Thacker


Eltonhead Conway


Eleanor Elliott



BirthBET 1725 AND 1728
Place: Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA
DeathABT 1762
Place: Virginia, USA