John Singletary


Personal and Family Information

John was born in From 17 Jan 1639 to 17 Jan 1640 in Newbury, Massachusetts, USA, the son of Richard Singletary and Susanna Cooke.

He died on 6 Sep 1724 in Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA.

His wife was Mary Bloomfield, who he married in ABT 1657 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USA. Their two known children were Jonathan (1672-1706) and Benjamin (1681-1715).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


John Singletary


Richard Singletary


Susanna Cooke



BirthFROM 17 JAN 1639 TO 17 JAN 1640
Place: Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
Death6 SEP 1724
Place: Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA


Note 1

1) From: Rick Waggener Family File 10-31-02: Jonathan Dunham (alias Singletary)

Excerpted from: An Anecdotal of His Wife's Ancestor

"The records show that he was born as Jonathan Singletary on January 17, 1639/40, in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. His father was Richard Singletary and apparently his mother was Susanna Cooke. There is speculation that he might have been the child of an earlier and at this point unknown wife of Richard. What is known is that he after he moved with his wife's family to Woodbridge, New Jersey, he called himself Jonathan Dunham alias Singletary. The speculation about his mother is that perhaps her name was Dunham, and Jonathan began to use it in deference to her. It has also been speculated that he changed his name to flee from or in some way hide from his controversial past in Massachusetts. The biggest problem with this explanation is that he doesn't seem to have broken his ties with Massachusetts and he does not seem to have made any effort to lose the Singletary name completely. In many records, he and his family members identified themselves as Dunham alias Singletary."

2) According to Kenneth Royal DUNHAM in his "DUNHAM-SINGLETARY GENEALOGY," Jonathan was not just an "ordinary miller," but one of the founders of Woodbridge, a New Jersey legislature representative, and a community and church leader. However, with his infamous background his respectably lies in question by some researchers. Perhaps as time elapsed Jonathon mellowed in his attitudes and behaviors, and became a man of respectability.

On 16 April 1702, Jonathan was given Power of Attorney by his wife and children to dispose of lands held in Haverhill, Massachusetts. It appears that this was land given to them by Jonathan's parents, Richard & Susannah SINGLETARY, as they are mentioned in the Power of Attorney letter. All sons and one daughter signed "DONHAM alias SINGLETARY" and one daughter signed "Mary ELLISON."