GEDitCOM II Screen Shot

GEDitCOM II — New Genealogy Software for the Macintosh

GEDitCOM II is a new genealogy application for MacOS X that sets the standard for ease-of-use, for editing genealogy files, for a customizable user experience, and for power features allowing the greatest access to your genealogical data. GEDitCOM II is a complete rewrite of the former GEDitCOM application.

New to GEDitCOM II?

Review the features of GEDitCOM II. Then, Download a free demo to try out those features, including importing your genealogy data from another application. When you are ready to buy, simply purchase a license that will unlock the demo version you already downloaded. If you choose not to buy, GEDitCOM II will switch to a free "reader mode" you can use to view GEDitCOM II files or to open genealogy GEDCOM files created by any software. You can still purchase a license and it will convert the "reader mode" back to the full version.

Previous GEDitCOM User?

GEDitCOM II offers an easy and powerful upgrade to GEDitCOM users for only $19.99. To see all the new features in action, download the demo and open any of your previous GEDitCOM files. Your old files are 100% compatible with the new GEDitCOM II.

Robert Louis Stevenson
"We are all nobly born; fortunate those who know it; blessed those who remember."
See the Date Calculator utility for a MacOS X application that does genealogical date calculations. It is free with purchase of GEDitCOM II.