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About grepArtee (MacOS X only)

The application grepArtee is a graphical user interface for the Unix grep command. The grep command lets you search any text file for patterns. The pattern can be any string of text or can use Unix regular expressions for sophisticated pattern matching. You can search a single file or use standard Unix methods to specify many files (such as *.txt). The search can be for a set of files or for all files in a set of directories. A search of directories can be extended recursively to include all subdirectories.

For example, by searching all directories with extension mbox recursively beginning in the directory ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes, you can use grepArtee to quickly search all email messages stored on your computer.

Screen Shot

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Click image on the left to see a screen shot in a separate window. The screen shot shows a sample grep search of a default Unix file with calendar dates. The window drawer is open showing the method to set grep options for each search.


The grepArtee application is shareware. You can download a fully functional version from the following table. You can purchase grepArtee for $8.99 (which includes free future upgrades) to remove shareware notices and to support the shareware method of application delivery.

grepArtee Download Size (kB) Updated
grepArtee 3.0 Disk Image 480 7 NOV 2009

GrepArtee requires a Macintosh with MacOS X (10.2.7 or newer). Drag the application from the disk image to your Applications folder (or any other folder) after downloading and mounting.


You can purchase grepArtee using most credit cards or your PayPal account. You will instantly get a code to unlock your demo copy of grepArtee. Click the "Buy Now" button and follow the two steps:

  1. To pay by credit card, click the "Continue" link on the lower left of the invoice screen that appears. To pay using PayPal, use the log-in fields on the lower right.
  2. Be sure to click button to return to this web site after your order is complete to get your unlocking code.

Additional Information

  • Version 1.0: Posted 10 JAN 2003 (text of a favorite fixed 24 JAN 2003)
  • Version 1.1: Posted 21 APR 2003
    Fixed bug when searches hit certain non-ASCII characters, added progress wheel while searching, and improved help information.
  • Version 2.0: Posted 22 DEC 2003
    Metal window, separate search results for each file for searches of multiple files, better formating of search results when including extra lines, customizable favorites, better printing and saving.
  • Version 3.0: Posted 11 DEC 2004
    New option to locate files for searching using Unix find conditions, better saving of prior state, Find panel, and several minor bug fixes.
  • Version 3.0: Posted 7 NOV 2009
    No change in code, but rebuilt as universal binary.


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